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Marketing automation is a technically supported marketing process and not just a software project. It is oriented towards the customer journey and links all market-oriented company departments. For a successful implementation, all relevant departments must be involved.


It is an agile process. Continuous trial and error, measuring and learning are part of it, as is a corporate culture that is fault-tolerant and values targeted experimentation positively. The idealistic and strategic support of top management is very important.


Marketing automation allows you to bring all your digital marketing activities together, with a dashboard that gives you an overview of the contacts you have.



Caymland M4 is a cloud-based solution that can be operated with a common browser.

The motivation for the development was the new technical possibilities, but especially the DSGVO, which as the most restrictive data protection law set new requirements for such systems. 



This not only allows for DSGVO-compliant processes, but was also designed and developed with the DSGVO and the resulting necessities in mind.



Caymland M4 offers the possibility to network individual clients with each other, which corresponds to multi-client capability. In order to comply with data protection regulations, the databases of the individual clients are separate and independent.


1.  Generate: Caymland M4 generates DSGVO-compliant data with every interaction. Anonymised data is characterised in real time via business logic and enriched into smart data.


2.  Analyse: With manual and automated analysis functions, data is permanently prepared and fed directly into automated processes.


3.  Control: With Caymland M4, content meets context, communication becomes meaningful and personalised campaigns create real dialogue.


Caymland M4 is designed for integrated control and automation, which provides for the orchestration of all communicative channels and the integration of the entire system landscape.



Alex Madassery  

With an automation strategy and platform, you can always deliver the right content to your customers with targeted 1-to-1 communication, increase the completion rate or prevent churn.

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