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How can I improve the quality of my customer or item master data?

Orchestrating data and processes is our passion. You will be amazed at how much you can positively and sustainably influence the behavior of your customers with improved data quality.

Many companies already have a large amount of customer data. But the customer is mobile and on the move, and yesterday’s data may no longer be up-to-date today. Old data leads to a dead end and is therefore a waste of resources. Here, the reactivation of data through normalization, cleansing and refinement can be a relevant factor for your customer care. We rely on the 5 phases of data quality in our projects:

Data Quality touchpoints
5 phases of data quality


Data is generated and then subject to a regular duty of care in companies. When searching for a customer I want to see only one customer record, when searching for article master data I want to see only one product. We have been advising clients since 1999 and ensure that your data works (data structure and convention), is up to date and remains up to date, even with external systems. We are looking for solutions that help you to maintain or validate your data as automatically as possible. Be it a postal address, a telephone number, the credit rating of a customer or a contact person in a company or their products and descriptions in the online shop.  For this we use our own sources or those of partners.


We have been managing databases since 2003 with our own databases and web applications. In the process, we collect data from paper sources or from online forms, for example, check the data before it is entered, mutate records and mark records for deletion.  We work as a contract data service provider for well-known companies strictly according to the rules of data protection laws, always with a focus on local or international regulations. (GDPR/Privacy Shield). For article master data, we follow standards such as GTN, ASIN or other numbering conventions. When it comes to product descriptions, we look at the relevance for the end customer.

  1. Maintaining databases
  2. Data acquisition, data mutation and data enrichment
  3. Scan and capture services incl. Management Inbox
  4. Addresses (B2C and B2B)


We offer our customers a range of tools on the subject of data and data quality

  1. Address checker (check of postal addresses in DACH in web forms /extensions on request)
  2. E-mail address checker (you wouldn’t believe how many errors occur when entering e-mail addresses)
  3. Duplicate software (Windows based e.g. Omikron Address Center)
  4. DataQualityServer (if you are looking for a Master Data Management solution (MDM) then Omikron’s tool would be perfect)


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