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How do I delight my customers with the right email marketing?

You can use numerous channels to reach customers, win them over, and engage them with relevant content.

With our 7-point program for successful email marketing, you can make even better use of your existing potential. As a long-term partner, we accompany you in the acquisition of e-mail addresses, the use of e-mail campaigns and the recovery of customer potential.



Which tool should I use? Should I run this internally or externally with a partner. What features, settings and privacy settings are essential for success. What types of campaigns help? What is the difference between newsletters and event-based communication. With us you will find the necessary expertise to answer these questions, regardless of the tool. We can recommend tools, but what really suits you is then your decision.


We have been managing databases since 2003 with our own databases and web applications. In the process, we collect data from paper sources or from online forms, for example, check the data before it is entered, mutate records and mark records for deletion. We work as a contract data service provider for well-known companies strictly according to the rules of data protection laws always with a focus on local or international regulations. (GDPR/Privacy Shield). For article master data

  1. Maintaining email databases (DSGVO /GDPR compliant)
  2. Set up of email marketing tools and template creation
  3. Generation of e-mail addresses via e.g. social media campaigns, verification of e-mail addresses
  4. Sending e-mail campaigns as a service partner


We offer our customers a range of tools on the subject of e-mail marketing

  1. E-mail address checker (checking of e-mail addresses in web forms so that no errors occur at the beginning).
  2. E-mail tools for the online shop (here the focus is on shop communication with your customers before, during and after the purchase)
  3. Email- Tools Newslettermarketing (From the beginner to the expert tool from to Maileon from Xqueue)
  4. Marketing Automation (If you want an additional CRM we recommend e.g. Caymland)


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