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LinkedIn profiles for businesses

LinkedIn Profiles: Give your business and employees a positive image.
We help you set up your LinkedIn profiles (company pages and employee profiles).

Whether you’re looking to find B2B customers or new employees, your LinkedIn profiles for your business should properly engage your target audience.
It’s not just about numbers, dates, facts of your business. They’re more.

They are consultants, problem solvers, solution providers or attractive employers. Show off what you can offer via your LinkedIn profile.
If your business partners operate internationally, present yourself not only in German but also in English. This is how you will be perceived internationally.
We revise your company profile for you, so that it exactly matches your .

We support you in optimizing the profiles of your employees for the respective task and objective. For this purpose, we create graphics and text for you, which the employees can use to optimize their own profile.
If desired, we can directly take over the creation for your employees.

If you have any questions, we can discuss them in a short phone call. After you have placed your order, we will arrange an appointment for the briefing and then we will process your profiles.


How to create a LinkedIn company page

On a company page, LinkedIn members can learn more about your business, your brand, and about current job openings at your company. Company pages also provide a great opportunity to build industry expertise.

Originally, LinkedIn company pages were considered landing pages for HR departments. So LinkedIn can still be used today, but the network is increasingly becoming the ideal platform to improve business results, increase brand awareness, highlight career opportunities and inform potential customers about products and services. With rich content and compelling status updates, you can build your brand into an industry leader.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, one would need to be set up before you can create a company page.


Under the company description you can add up to 20 specialties of your company. These act as tags and keywords that make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn – so don’t skip this detail. Ensure that your company’s diverse products, services and strengths are appropriately represented.

Enter your company information

Enter the website URL of your company. Then, in the drop-down menus that appear, add the other details about the industry, business form (AG, GmbH non-profit organization, etc.) and specify the date of incorporation of the company.

Enter at least one location of your company.

Publishing your site

With a click on the publish button your company page will go live.

Add page administrators

You don’t have to do everything on your own. LinkedIn allows you to select specific people to edit and manage your page.

To add collaborators, click the Me icon at the very top of your LinkedIn page. Then select your company page in the Manage section.

Click Admin tools in the top right corner and select Page admins. Add the names of your team members there. To add them as page administrators, you need to be networked with those on LinkedIn.



How to create a LinkedIn company page

It’s not hard to set up the company page, but don’t be tempted to just throw anything together without a strategy for LinkedIn. Rather than simply building followers and contacts, consider how you can use LinkedIn’s advertising tools to attract new customers.

LinkedIn can help businesses in a number of ways. That’s why you should define exactly what you expect from your LinkedIn company page. Do you want to build a network for sales? or recruit talent in your field?

Even if you are new to using LinkedIn for business – remember that you can draw a lot of useful information from your existing contacts for potential targeting and strategic planning. Investigate your contacts and followers just as thoroughly as you do your other social networks.

If you haven’t developed target audiences (buyer personas) yet – now is a good time to start looking into it. If you know who to turn to, you have the key to success. If you’re using LinkedIn to recruit new employees, make sure you consider candidate needs when developing your personas as well.

LinkedIn for Business: Tips and ideas

A company page does not automatically ensure followers. You can increase your chances of success on LinkedIn with the following tips.

  1. Invite your employees to connect with the company page on LinkedIn

Your colleagues and co-workers are the best way to network in the beginning. According to LinkedIn, employees have on average 10 times more first-degree contacts than companies count followers.

Employees are your most important advocates. When you gain them as followers, you tap into their networks as well and increase your reach tremendously. Convince your employees to add their position in the company to their LinkedIn profile. Then the employee profile will link to your company page, thus these profiles will also appear on the company page.

  1. Publish useful content

The best way to grow your network and keep your followers interested is to provide value to visitors to your LinkedIn company page – by regularly posting articles or news: We recommend posting at least one post per week. In addition to the company page, your posts will also appear in your followers’ news feeds.

Also share blog posts and news from external sources through which your followers can benefit. Even if the content isn’t from your team – you’re showing that you know what makes your industry tick by sharing it. This is also a great way to make important contacts with others. Make sure your post always adds value and context – a simple copy/paste shared URL falls short.