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LinkedIn profiles for companies

LinkedIn profiles: Give your business and employees a positive image.
We help you to set up your LinkedIn profiles (company pages and employee profiles).

No matter if you want to find B2B customers or new employees – your LinkedIn profiles for your company should address your target group correctly.
It is not just about numbers, data, facts of your company. They’re more.

You are a consultant, problem solver, solution provider or attractive employer. Use your LinkedIn profile to show what you can offer.
If your business partners are internationally active, present yourself in English as well as German. This is how you are perceived internationally.
We will revise for you your company profile so that it exactly matches them .

We support you in optimizing the profiles of your employees for the respective task and objective. For this purpose we create graphics and text for you, which the employees can use to optimize their own profile.
If you wish, we can directly take over the creation for your employees.

If you still have questions, we will discuss them in a short telephone call. Once the order has been placed, we arrange an appointment for the briefing and then we process your profiles.


How to create a LinkedIn company page

On a corporate page, LinkedIn members can learn more about your business, your brand, and your company’s current job opportunities. Corporate sites also offer a good opportunity to build industry expertise.

Originally, LinkedIn company pages were regarded as landing pages for HR departments. LinkedIn can still be used today, but the network is increasingly becoming the ideal platform to improve business results, increase brand awareness, identify career opportunities and inform potential customers about products and services. With rich content and compelling status updates, you can build your brand into an industry leader.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, you would have to set it up before you can create a company page.


Under the company description you can add up to 20 specialties to your company. These act as tags and keywords that make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn – so don’t skip this detail. Make sure your company’s diverse products, services and strengths are appropriately represented.

Enter your company information

Enter the website URL of your company. Then insert the further details of the branch, business form (AG, GmbH Non-Profit Organisation, etc.) in the drop-down menus displayed and enter the date on which the company was founded.

Specify at least one location of your company.

Publication of your page

Click on the Publish button to go live with your company website.

Add Page Administrators

You don’t have to do everything alone. LinkedIn allows you to select specific employees to edit and manage your site.

To add employees, click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn page. Then select your company page in the Manage section.

Click Admin tools in the top right corner and select Page admins. Add the names of your team members there. To add them as site administrators, you must be networked with those on LinkedIn.



How to create a LinkedIn company page

It’s not hard to set up the corporate site, but don’t let yourself be tempted to just put something together without a strategy for LinkedIn. Instead of simply building followers and contacts, consider how you can use LinkedIn’s advertising tools to attract new customers.

LinkedIn can support businesses in several ways. That’s why you should define exactly what you want from your LinkedIn company page. Do you want to build a network for sales? or recruit talent in your field?

Even if you are re-using LinkedIn for companies, remember that you can draw a lot of useful information from your existing contacts for possible objectives and strategic planning. Examine your contacts and followers as thoroughly as you do in your other social networks.

If you have not yet developed a target group (Buyer-Personas)– now is a good time to get involved. Who knows who to turn to has the key to success. If you use LinkedIn to recruit new employees, make sure that you also consider the needs of candidates when developing your personas.

LinkedIn for companies: Tips and Ideas

A company page does not automatically lead to followers With the following tips you can increase your chances of success on LinkedIn.

  1. Invite your employees to network with the company site on LinkedIn

Your colleagues and employees are initially the best way to build a network. According to LinkedIn, employees have on average 10 times more first degree contacts than company followers count.

Employees are your most important supporters. If you win them as followers, you will also tap into their networks and increase your reach enormously. Convince your employees to enter their position in the company in their LinkedIn profile. Then the employee profile links to your company page, so these profiles also appear on the company page.

  1. Publish useful content

The best way to expand your network and keep your followers interested is to add value to the visitors to your LinkedIn company page – by posting articles or news regularly: We recommend at least one post per week. In addition to the company page, your posts also appear in the news feeds of your followers.

Also share blog posts and news from external sources that can benefit your followers. Even if the content doesn’t come from your team, by spreading it you show that you know what makes your industry tick. In this way you can also make important contacts with others. Make sure that your mail always offers added value and context – a URL that is split simply by copy/paste falls short.