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Better quality of data for IKEA FAMILY

Initial position
How does the IKEA FAMILY Card reach the customers? This is where touchpoints comes in. IKEA has been working with us since 2003. More and more customers wish to become part of the IKEA FAMILY which increases in size by more than a thousand members monthly.

How does IKEA process all the applications for a Family card and the changes of addresses? How do the customers receive the Family card as fast as possible?

Suggestions for improvement
touchpoints supports IKEA with the acquisition and adjustment of customer’s data. They put together duplicates and complete missing information.

IKEA now needs less time to process their customer data. The quality of the data has been improved with only 0.02% of duplicates and the expenses reduced by 30%. The IKEA FAMILY CARD takes now less than a week to reach the customer.

The Apps have been installed by 3000 users and 1000 customers use them on a regular base.