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Optimized promotion support

Initial position

Nespresso conducts two promotions a year in Switzerland to support the sell of their coffee machines and their coffee.

The data of the clients and their orders have to be processed daily until 4 pm. They are forwarded to Nespresso so that the clients receive their coffee on time.

Suggestions for improvement

Touchpoints’ databasesupported website helps carrying out the orders of coffee efficiently. The XML-File is sent daily to Nespresso for further procedure.


The duration of the process can be shortened thanks to the continual delivery of the XML-Batches

Thanks to the adoption of the regular communication Nespresso is released of additional responsibilities and can reduce the personnel expenses.

Deliveries to the wrong address have been reduced. There is an additional control-loop which keeps the customers’ addresses up-to date.

Nespresso has optimized the delivery of coffee orders and the communication with its customers