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Sales and Channel Optimization

Initial position

Widely spread distribution- and communication activities have increased the cost. An ill-defined approach of the target group lead to low “take-ratings”.

The missing link to customer data complicated the planning of initiatives (solutions) and made it impossible to react quickly to any changes.

Suggestions for improvement

A duty journal was issued including the definition of requirements and a choice of software producers.

The analysis of data origin (Gap Analyse) was followed by a detailed project planning and an introduction of a software solution. Along with that went a role definition of the employees a test campaign and assessment of their success.


A reduction of the time to market of about 1-2 weeks and an appropriate use of the channels of distribution with prospects and leads.

Recuring campaigns can be restarted within a day.

Thanks to the new organization there is now a division responsible for customers instead of products

8 months after the introduction of the system the predicted ROI took place.