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Data quality is the foundation for CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. With data quality solutions from Omikron, you create this foundation. In all processes. Across all systems.


Quick successes in small project steps - instead of mammoth projects without end: With Omikron, you first raise the greatest potentials and then consistently optimise them further by focusing on quick wins, a rapid ROI is pre-programmed.

Your company's data is one of your strongest assets. These assets lie in different silos, often of poor quality, and lower your company value. You have probably implemented different digital solutions over the last few years: Online shop, CRM or ERP.


Without a centralised data strategy, your silos lead to lack of knowledge about customers, lack of customer intimacy, low service quality and wrong analytics.

With Omikron you can:


1. Strengthen your market position

2. Increase the value of your company

3. Always be ready for migration

4. Lay the foundation for predictive selling

5. Create analysis and BI systems

6. Increase the impact of your marketing and  


7. Sales Activities

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Martin Lange


Maintaining customer relationships is the be-all and end-all in marketing, sales and service. If you want loyal customers, you need to invest time and money in them. The right strategy (not software) leads to significantly higher sales and high customer satisfaction. So far we have been able to get even more sales out of every project while reducing costs.

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