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Nestlé Nespresso SA is a company that offers a special coffee system to private and/or corporate customers and communicates with these customers through Club Nespresso. With few exceptions, goods are delivered by mail.

Turnover in 2006 was around CHF 1 billion internationally and around CHF 600 million in Switzerland.

Each year, the company runs 2 national promotions in Switzerland to support the distribution of coffee machines and coffee (varieties).

The data of the daily arriving promotion participants and their coffee orders have to be processed, transmitted to Nespresso, prepared and ready for shipment by 16.00 every day and the processing of the addresses and coffee orders has to be matched with the data of the existing Nespresso customers (data protection / security).

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Touchpoints therefore intervened and supported the company in creating a data collection manual with various rules for handling the promotion. Installing various control functions to check addresses and coffee orders, taking over all correspondence related to the promotion on behalf of Nespresso and introducing a compensation loop for handling open cases with Nespresso, including the connection to the call centre for all promotion data.

The constant delivery of XML batches every half hour has reduced processing time and taking over the communication of the rules relieves Nespresso of other tasks.

Why do you need better data quality?

Incomplete, recurring, duplicate addresses, typos in the address that annoy customers and lead to complaints. These everyday problems can also affect your data master. 



Alex Madassery 


With an automation strategy and platform, you can always deliver the right content to your customers, increase close rates or prevent churn with targeted 1-to-1 communication.

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