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10 Phases TikTok Strategy

TikTok is an app that comes from China and was founded by Zhang Yiming in September 2016.

The app allows users to watch music clips, create short clips of up to 60 seconds, but most importantly, edit and add a variety of special effects at will in a very simple way.

We show you 10 steps for a good strategy to use TikTok optimally for your business.


TikTok is a social app for creating and sharing videos. Many of the videos are about music: the creators use the app's extensive catalogue of sound effects, music snippets and filters to record short clips reproducing dancing and singing, but there are also countless videos with other themes to discover.

1. Complete profile information

The first thing you need to do is enter all the necessary information for your profile to be complete.

Basically, you have to fill in all the fields that Tik Tok asks for when you register. So not only do you have to enter your name, but you also have to upload a profile photo and write your bio, what you do, etc.

Why is profile maintenance so important? Because an account with a complete profile has a greater chance of attracting the attention of potential followers than a profile with no information.

2. Invite friends from other social media to follow you

Invite your friends/followers from other social networks to follow you on Tiktok. Give them a good reason why they should do this.

For example, you could say that you don't post the same content on Instagram as you do on TikTok and this way you have a chance to start with a small follower base.

3. Understand what you want to talk about on TikTok and what is your target audience

You shouldn't have too many topics, otherwise the algorithm won't understand what you're actually doing and the visibility of the videos will be reduced. It is also more complicated to find people interested in each topic.

For example, if you make videos about travel, the algorithm understands that you want to talk about that topic.

Try to be as specific as possible. Talking in general terms doesn't help anyone.


Your goal is to become a reference for people who are interested in the topic you are talking about. Going back to the example above, you should become a travel specialist.

As the topic of travel is very broad, you could specialise in narrower topics. With travel, for example, you could become a reference for travel in Switzerland.

4. Use hashtags effectively

An important point to always remember is to use relevant hashtags when posting a video.

How do you add hashtags? Simple! You could add them when you are asked to add a description to your video.

5. Create original videos

Creating original, funny and different videos while using relevant hashtags is the right combination to become visible on Tik Tok.

Originality and creativity are two elements that are rewarded on this platform.

6. Publish constantly

Don't forget that quality is important. It is better to post valuable content once a day than to post low-quality videos several times a day.

7. Use the right music for your video

Using the right music is another important way to increase followers on TikTok. In every video you make on TikTok, you have the option to use a music clip.

The app gives you a big list of songs you could use.

Every week there is music in trends and current challenges. This will increase the views of your videos and the chances of your video going viral.

This is how you can add a song:

  • Go to Create Video in the menu bar

  • Tap Sounds at the top

  • Search for a sound and select one

8. Interaction with followers

When you interact with your followers (comments, likes, replies, etc.) they feel "important" and are inclined to follow you.

Tik Tok users prefer comments to likes.

9. Connect TikTok with other social networks

By linking your TikTok profile to your other social media, a video you post on TikTok will automatically be uploaded to the linked social networks. This gives you the opportunity to increase your visibility and increase your number of followers.


  • Go to me from the menu bar

  • From your profile, tap Edit Profile

  • Scroll down to Instagram or YouTube and select them to start linking the account

10. Cooperation with other Tiktokern

It is certainly a very effective strategy to expand your usual audience.

The app gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other TikTokers. When you collaborate, you both benefit.


because you have access to the followers of the person you are working with, and that is really invaluable.

We have reached the end of this guide. We hope you find this information useful and don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your Touchpoints team


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