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Google Business Profile Control "Live" Spreadsheet

Perfect visibility and full direct control over important details of Google Business Profiles for any number of accounts and locations - all in one Google Spreadsheet.

Created for customers

We make the LocalTouch platform more relevant and more valuable with each code release by helping clients tackle their biggest challenges and pursue their most exciting opportunities. The ability to quickly and easily identify multi-location Google Business Profile listing issues, and then correct them at scale, is one such challenge. We’re thrilled to offer the industry’s most flexible solution

Traditional Options for Multi-Location Control

All existing processes bulk management processes fall into three categories,

1) Single location edits,

2) One-to-many bulk edits,

3) Spreadsheet uploads.

Of course, single edits are time-consuming and prone to errors. One edit pushed to many locations is efficient but you lose visibility to anything that can and should be optimized. Spreadsheet uploads are theoretically efficient, but don’t make sense for quick edits and are plagued by formatting issues.

A New Approach- Test in a Free Trial

We have combined the best elements of each with a live in-application Google sheet. Users can scan, search, filter to find the exact locations. Make any necessary edits with all the ease of managing a spreadsheet and simply clicking the “Update” button. Any changes are pushed immediately to Google with the results of the updates recorded to the History log

Manage Across Accounts and Locations

Large brands and agencies can connect any number of individual GBP accounts. Basic account testing for 5,000+ locations across 100 accounts for complete visibility at scale. Even larger accounts can be provisioned for the same level of control across tens of thousands of locations

Full Control

All GBP factors can be edited from the Details sheet or the Attributes sheet. Change hours, add holidays, update categories, build-out attributes, customize location descriptions, and set location status.

Visibility to Issues & Opportunities

The sheet is built off a Google Business Profile synchronization so users can quickly spot inconsistencies across any number of locations. You can make certain that every single location has the exact data set. Since this is a Google sheet, you can save the file for your own management controls and processes.

Logs Provide Access to Change History

Critical to successful large-scale management is an understanding of exactly what has been changed and when. Gain full insight into the history or all edits.

Explore Today

Existing clients can reach out to your Client Success Team with any questions. Everyone else can take advantage of the Free Trial to see this in action.


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