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Google Integration Update


Syncing between Localtouch and multiple Google Business Profiles (GBP) has been enhanced to maintain better alignment between platforms, regardless of listing reorganizations on Google.


When users establish the initial authorized connection to their GBP accounts, the Localtouch platform is set to match the initial structure exactly using the exact account/location path. If users reorganized their GBP accounts or created new groups, however, this new structure also flowed to Localtouch. This resulted in duplicate records in the Localtouch account, one the new connected record and the other the "detached" listing.


The new federated API structure of the GBP API set has made it possible for the Localtouch team to execute synchronization routines directly on any authorized PlaceIDs, regardless of any changes to the account structures. There is no visible change in the platform as the release is exclusively back-end functionality. We will be working with individual client accounts to remove any previously created "detached" locations.

We realized that this release represents very detailed "under the hood" platform details. Please contact us at with any questions.


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