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LinkedIn for Business – indispensable, also for you!

More than 100 million professionals visit LinkedIn every month. The platform is therefore a powerful marketing tool and an official presence of your company on LinkedIn is essential. 

Make sure your company page reflects your brand and presents a consistent image to your target audience.

The LinkedIn company pages are now also optimised for mobile devices, which is important because more than 27% of monthly access to LinkedIn is via mobile apps.

Don't you know what advantages a LinkedIn profile brings for companies? Let's take a look at it together:

1. Improve the reputation of your brand

Brands were perceived as "more professional" (92%), "smarter" (74%), "higher quality" (59%) and "more reputable" (59%) when their ad was seen on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn's company page is where you can tell your brand's story. With over 100 million professionals on the platform, you have a wonderful base to build your brand awareness.

As the number of LinkedIn users steadily increases, so does the number of potential prospects. With regular posts, you can reach a very wide audience.

2. Generating leads

LinkedIn is the best social network for generating leads. The chances of converting a lead into a customer on LinkedIn is over 2%. To attract customers, you need to provide value to the leads and in return invite them to leave their contact details.

For this purpose, e-books, whitepapers, studies and webinars work wonderfully. What is particularly helpful here is that LinkedIn users reveal a lot of information about themselves so that the profile is as complete as possible.

This provides a good database for you to personalise your advertising.

3. Promote products and services

LinkedIn as an advertising channel can be an essential part of your marketing strategy. There are five advertising formats that make it easier for you to promote your products and services via the platform:

1.Text Ads These are displayed small, contain an image and a maximum of 100 characters and are very suitable for reaching target groups and leads.

2.Display Ads These generate a lot of attention because they are larger, can be designed visually and are displayed on particularly frequently visited LinkedIn pages.

3.Dynamic Ads Dynamic Ads generate personalised messages based on information from the viewer's LinkedIn profile.

4.In Mails This allows you to bypass spam filters because the personalised message is displayed directly in the LinkedIn user's private mailbox. This ensures a maximum delivery rate for your message.

5.Sponsored Content With the help of ads, you can add that certain something to your organic content so that it appears in the LinkedIn feed of your target audience.

4. Use of LinkedIn groups

There are over 2.9 million groups on LinkedIn, including many business groups, industry and interest groups and professional associations. In other words, there are groups in all areas, which offer an optimal platform for becoming an expert in the field.

The expansion of the network and the search for information are in the foreground here.

National and international relationships can be established and maintained, and each group member can share and publish content. In this way, experiences are exchanged and advice is given, as well as insights into the professional field.

5. Get to know competitors and their employees Analysing competitors on LinkedIn provides valuable insights and data for your own company, for example where your competitors are successful - and where they are not.

It becomes apparent which wishes and needs the target groups in the sector of your activity have and which marketing channels the competition uses to gain an advantage.

You can also get to know your competitors' employees by looking at them on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been ranked as the number 1 business platform trusted by professionals. Your company will also appear more professional with a LinkedIn presence and open doors; with prospects, clients and industry peers.

So don't hesitate any longer, create your profile now, keep it up to date and diligently post interesting content with added value!


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