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Nowadays, an online presence is crucial for a company that wants to make itself known to new potential customers and thus increase sales and turnover.

On the other hand, it is not enough to have a website that represents our values and an effective social strategy if our online reputation is not positive.

That's why reputation management exists: conscious and professional management of our web communication leads to a positive brand image. And consequently winning the trust of new customers.

Customers buy when they trust the brand and come back when they have a good experience.

How can you best manage your brand reputation online? takes care of it.

What is is a software to support reputation management.

In other words, it is about aligning the reputation of an activity, a person, a company or even a product with the image one wants to convey to the reference public.

What can do?

Brands and agencies around the world use Localtouch to:

1. streamline and simplify assessment management.

2. Monitor and respond to questions and answers.

3. improve ranking in local search and on maps

4. track competitors

5. gain actionable insights across locations.

What does this tool do for me?

1. Increasing the level of awareness and the reputation of the company

A corporate presence on platforms is necessary, especially if you are active in global markets. The choice of social networks where you should be present with a company profile depends on the type of communication and the target group you want to reach.

2. More business opportunities

When you make your voice heard online, you come into contact with a large number of potential customers every day. It is then important to build a valuable relationship with the customer. The relationship must be strong and continuous to guide the user through the different stages of the customer journey and keep them loyal to the company.

3. Improvement of the website ranking

Google positively evaluates the presence of external links to social networks on the website, which has a positive impact on the possibility of improving the website's ranking and making it appear among the first results. In addition, social networks are useful tools to increase the number of visitors to the company's website.

4. Influencing purchasing decisions

Thanks to the company's presence on social networks, users can find out about the company itself not only on the website, but also on other channels. In this way, it is possible to influence users' buying decisions by intercepting them while they are using Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook. Furthermore, if the company's social presence is maintained on a daily basis, web surfers can read the published posts and comments of users who already follow the company page. This leads to the growth of the online community associated with the company, which exclusively benefits the company.

Why is a good online reputation so important?

In 2022, successful reputation management is able to take care of a company and its business: 1. Trust 2. Credibility 3. Positive impression in the eyes of buyers

In a world where information moves uncontrollably, a solid reputation management plan can be the best decision for your business.

This is the only way to respond in time to a reputational crisis without missing out on profits.

Remember that there are already your competitors on the internet and also your potential customers who, if they don't find you, may choose your competitors. If you are not yet online and present in the social networks, you are most likely already missing important business opportunities.

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