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Marketing Assessment – what is the maturity level of your company?

The Marketing Assessment developed by Touchpoints is a tool for quickly obtaining an overview of a company's current level of maturity in the area of marketing and the associated peripheral areas.

In our projects it helps to compare a company-internal view (actual state) with an external view. This is exactly what we would like to do together with you for your company!

In our free marketing assessment, you can carry out your own assessment of the marketing activities in your company in the areas of:

  • Strategy and measurement

  • Strategic communication

  • Product management

  • Customer centricity

  • Generating lead

  • Sales and distribution support

  • Staff and management

  • Systems and technology

The questionnaire is designed for larger companies but also for SMEs and thus has the right questions for everyone to conduct an analysis of your current marketing tools and measures.

Test now where your company stands and where there is potential for improvement!

You will receive an evaluation with the assessment and initial tips on where to start.

It has proved useful to have the questionnaire filled out by several people/decision-makers in companies and to compare the results afterwards.

Of course you may involve us and discuss the results with us.

Do you have any questions or are you at a loss?

We would be happy to have a meeting with you!


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