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Marketing Automation Selection

You too probably want automated generation of leads, acquisition of customers, sending of campaigns and analysis of customer activities and data? Then marketing automation is the solution for you, but which solution?

The fact that there are countless different marketing automation tools available for this purpose does not make it easy to decide which of them is best suited for your company. You are spoilt for choice. In addition to the different functions offered by the tools, many providers also specialise in individual categories, such as CRM, social media, SEO, e-commerce or email marketing.

Since MA involves automated campaign management, various tools come from the field of CRM, others come from email marketing providers who attach the topic of MA to their systems. The decisive factors for the decision are ultimately the nature of your company, the requirements you place on an MA tool and, last but not least, the financial aspects, i.e. how much you are prepared to spend on such a tool.

«Good marketers recognise that marketing is not a cost, It's an investment.»


We have drawn up some must-have criteria

  • Tracking

  • Learning resources, training offered

  • Segment management (segmentation of contacts)

  • Lead scoring (so you know which customers to target)

  • Nurturing process (tracking on the customer journey)

  • Email marketing (besides a newsletter, all kinds of campaigns)

  • Reporting (Who did what, when and how?)

  • Landing pages (design editor besides HTML/MJML)

  • Forms (design and flexibility)

These are the essential points that we consider to be the basis at the moment.


Which makes it easier, but not absolutely necessary:

  • CRM or ERP integration

  • Event management

  • Social monitoring tools

  • Lead grading

  • Social profiling

We have created further information as a white paper

  1. What is MA anyway?

  2. What can an MA do?

  3. Which MA system suits us?


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