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Rent addresses with us now!

We at Touchpoints GmbH have been renting out addresses for a good 20 years now. These include addresses from politics (all Swiss cantons), education and company addresses (DACH region);

- National Councillors

- Federal Councillors

- Councillors of States

- Cantonal Councillors

- Councillors of the government

- Addresses of communes with communal councils and communal presidents

- School addresses

- Company addresses

And so on...

An impeccable quality of the data is important to us, which is why our data is constantly kept up-to-date, so that you as a customer always receive the most current addresses. In addition, we take data protection very seriously and all our addresses are GDPR compliant and from public sources. We provide the data in the format in which you need it for import into your database or for further use.

Good quality data has a direct positive impact on business performance. However, data changes frequently and to save you the hassle of updating your data, you can conveniently order it from us by sending us an e-mail and thus supplement your existing database. This is possible for a one-time use or for an annual use of the data, which is contractually agreed in advance.

You would like to have data checked by post? That's no problem for us either! We can check your customer addresses by post before a marketing campaign and filter out and adjust outdated data. In this way, we ensure that your message reaches your customers! After all, we don't just rent out data - we also clean and refine it!

Watch our video on our data cleansing process now and make sure your data is up to date, too...

We would be happy to help you supplement, clean up or refine your data stock!

Arrange a non-binding appointment now - because good data is valuable!


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