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Review Auto Response - New Short Comment Option


Users can now create Intelligent Auto Response campaigns that target reviews that contain just a short comment.


Many of our clients noticed that the review responses they were sending to positive reviews (4-Star and 5-Star) with very short comments like "great work", "excellent", or "well done" were exactly the same as the templates used for rating-only reviews. There just wasn't enough detail provided by the end customer in the review to warrant a fully customized response. So, we decided to add a special option in our Campaign builder to increase the percentage of reviews that can receive a targeted and timely response


In the Intelligent Auto Response campaign workflow, you will see now see three controls for comment types:

  • Rating Only (reviews with a rating but no comment)

  • Rating + Short Comment (reviews with comments from 1 to 100 characters based on the setting)

  • Rating + Comment (reviews with any length comment)

What's Next

One of the challenges with identifying the correct character count is the tendency of Google to populate the comment block with an English translation. Currently, users need to account for the extra characters. In a future release, we will be segmenting the base comment in the original language from any translated text.


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