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KI text generator and professional supported KI translation without stress

Our new partner Easytranslate allows you to create the best of both worlds when it comes to text generation and translations. On the one hand, you can have content generated and translated automatically with a high level of accuracy, and on the other hand, these translations can be edited by specialists.

The intuitive platform and the available interfaces to many systems convinced us to integrate and offer these tools in our customer projects. Here again shortly

  1. Reach target groups in different markets with 250+ language combinations. Whether Chinese, Portuguese, or English, EasyTranslate has almost them all.

  2. Use the latest AI technology. This allows you to generate or translate attractive texts in no time.

  3. 750+ translators and text editors create target group-optimized translations and give the AI content the finishing touches.

  4. Many CMS systems, such as WordPress, can be integrated via existing interfaces without coding.You can find the plugin for Wordpress here

  5. The existing experience in larger projects makes it easy for Easytranslate and us to support ongoing projects with you, whether from scratch or as an addition to existing platforms.

For more information about the partnership and our offers, simply follow the Link click. Descriptions of the specific interfaces can be found at the following Link.


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