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The customer data from the Aptamil Loyalty Club in the DACH region was also optimised postally with an initial cleansing and only the entries valid for the respective country were left in the country database. With the installation of our address checker, the address data provided by the customers could be checked and cleaned immediately upon entry before they were written into the database.


Touchpoints thus undertook an initial cleansing of the existing customers for DE/AT and their import back into the Adobe system. We have also initialised an address checker directly on the customer's website to check postal addresses, but also email addresses, already in the web forms in the baby products and areas.


With the address checker, address data of registered persons can be checked virtually 24/7 and in case of obvious errors, the customer can be asked again if necessary.


At the moment, we are already reducing typing errors in about 4% of the people and then marking clean addresses and incorrect addresses for transfer to the customer database.


We also prevent abuse of the platform by people who try to use foreign addresses to get products and gifts from the baby shop. About 15% of the addresses are no longer sent to the lettershop. We see that the return rate of items is already decreasing. Technically, we use reference data from the DACH region, but we can also expand to other European countries.


The address checker was installed in the Amazon cloud in Ireland on a dedicated web server and for each customer on a dedicated web instance. As we do not cache any data, we support the data protection requirements of the EU and Switzerland. (For Swiss companies, we can also provide the Checker on a server in CH).



Martin Lange


I only achieve the 360-degree view through the consistent integration of all channels and on these through the error-tolerant checking of customer data against my Customer Data Platform (CDP). Data hygiene plays a very important role here. 

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