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Marketing automation is a technically supported marketing process and not just a software project.  Marketing automation is based on the customer journey and connects all   market-oriented divisions. For a successful implementation, all relevant bodies must be involved.


It's an agile process. Constant trying out, measuring and learning are part of it. A corporate culture that is fault-tolerant and positively values targeted experimentation fits in well with this. The ideal and strategic support of the top management is very important.

Marketing automation allows you to bring all your digital marketing activities together. You have a dashboard that gives you an overview of the existing contacts.

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Take your inbound marketing campaigns to a new level: With Webmecanik's open source automation software, you can always keep an eye on the needs of your customers and at the same time ensure more customer loyalty by rewarding loyal website visitors.

You automatically collect numbers, data and facts that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy with ease and significantly increase your ROI and sales.

The all-in-one marketing automation software offers you a wide range of tools to customize your customer relationships: convert more leads into customers, automate your business relationships and achieve the best possible ROI for all communication channels (email, SMS, notifications, etc.).

What is special about Webmecanik Automation is that it is the first European solution developed based on the open source marketing automation software Mautic.


In addition, they have extensive know-how in the field of marketing automation, which we make available to you through a selected SaaS solution, support and training, thus making your marketing campaigns a real success story.

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Webmecanik Automation is web software. It analyzes and evaluates the behavior of visitors to your website. You can define criteria according to which a certain activity is played as soon as a condition is met. 

Do you want to offer a visitor a 10% discount code after their third page visit to encourage them to make a purchase? With Webmecanik Automation this is no problem!

Delivering individual content to your prospects at the right time guarantees you sales growth and the loyalty of your customers!

Webmecanik by Touchpoints can help you and automate the following marketing functions:

1.  Generation and conversion of leads

2.  Automated Campaigns

3. Lead Management

4.  Multi-channel communication

5.  RSS-to-Email

6.  Analysis & ROI

Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to find the fitting solution.


WEBMECANIK instance set up for you

 once off 

CHF/EUR 750.-

operation already off CHF/EUR 199.- per month including email server and monitoring.without Marketing Services from Touchpoints


WEBMECANIK instance set up for you

 once off

CHF/EUR 750.-

operation already off CHF/EUR 699.- per month including email server and monitoring.with Marketing Services from Touchpoints



Martin Lange

With an automation strategy and platform, you can always provide your customers with the right content with targeted 1-to-1 communication, increase the completion rate and satisfaction or prevent customer churn.

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